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M200-Touring Curly

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Finally a new exhaust for the M200 engines, which are to be moved as Tourer/Sporttourer.

During the development we concentrated on the Plug&Play engines with original stroke (56,5mm) to achieve even better results compared to the original Quattrini exhaust and to bring the noise level to a more roadworthy level.

However, the exhaust is not only interesting for completely unmachined cylinders, but also for more machined or larger capacity M200 cylinders (with e.g. 60mm stroke) has a large amount of performance potential.

Compared to the original Quattrini M200 exhaust (0.7-0.8mm sheet metal), the noise emissions of the M200-Touring are reduced to a significantly lower and more pleasant level with the help of double-thick 1.5mm sheet steel and a high-quality 330mm long silencer made by M.R. Parts&Style.

Not only the performance was important, but also the perfect fit, which leaves nothing to be desired! The manifold winds its way around in front of the shock absorber. For V50/PV chassis a shock absorber spacer is required, otherwise the manifold will be in contact with the rear shock absorber. You can also find the shock absorber spacer here in the shop: Click me

Due to the very voluminous exhaust, an optimal layout was worked on for a long time, so that there is enough clearance to chassis and tyres everywhere and thus an optimal fit is guaranteed.

The exhaust also fits easily with a 3.50 tire, which can be changed quickly and easily by a specifically positioned CNC connection part.

There is a Curly layout and a D&F version (for chassis with luggage compartment). The main stand can still be used with the D&F version without any problems. The M200-Touring fits V50/PV and PK chassis. Combining PK chassis and D&F variant can lead to needed chassis or exhaust mounting modifications.

Recommended timings:

  • 56,5mm stroke (original) : Transferport 126-128°, Exhaustport 176-190° (*)
  • 58mm stroke : Transferport 127-129°, Exhaustport 178-190° (*)
  • 60mm stroke : Transferport 129-132°, Exhaustport 180-194°(*)

(*) depending on the desired peak performance


The delivered parts are not approved for public road traffic and may only be used for sports and racing purposes.

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