Ares 130 Curly

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The Ares 130, a newly developed exhaust system for the somewhat neglected “small” cylinders such as Polini 130, Polini Evo (with case or direct intake), Malossi 136, Quattrini M1L-56(60), Pinasco Zuera SRV and many more.

The problem to be solved was to deliver as early a high torque level as possible but still a wide engine speed range in order to finally remedy the annoying, sluggish gear connections (especially in 4th gear, despite the short 4th gear (z48) already installed).

For this to be guaranteed, in addition to sufficient lower rpm power, the power step in must be at 5800rpm at the latest.

The Ares 130 steps into the powerband at engine speed between 5000-5500rpm. Its maximum performance unfolds with optimal setup at 9000-9500rpm and still revs up to 10500-11000rpm.

Also important in the development was the sound&noise development. The exhaust was made of thick sheet steel (1.5mm), placed high under the side jaw and fitted with a first-class M.R. Parts&Style silencer.

The Ares 130 is available in both a Curly layout and a D&F version (for chassis with luggage compartment). The main stand can still be used with both versions without any problems. The Ares 130 fits to V50/PV and PK chassis. Due to the very compact layout it is possible to drive the exhaust with 3.50-10″ tyres.

Recommended timings:

  • 51-53mm stroke : Transferport 124-128°, Exhaustport 186-192° (*)
  • 54-56mm stroke : Transferport 126-130°, Exhaustport 186-194° (*)

(*) depending on the desired desired peak power of the engine

The parts supplied are not approved for use on public roads and may only be used for sports and racing purposes.

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Standard + additional manifold fits Egig170, Standard, Manifold fits Egig170