Spacer shock absorber V50/PV

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With the constantly growing displacement (e.g. M200) in the Vespa Smallframe sector and therefore less and less space available due to large cylinders, exhaust manifolds, etc., you quickly reach the limits of a Vespa V50/PV frame.
Especially when the exhaust manifold and shock absorber are tight, you cannot avoid moving the shock absorber.

By the way: All my M200 exhaust systems need an offset of the shock absorber!


With the new, super stable spacer made of 8mm laser-cut steel with subsequent CNC bending, the shock absorber can be easily moved.

The frame is not weakened by additionally drilled holes on the mount and can easily be restored to its original condition.

At the height of the cylinder exhaust flange, an offset of approx. 10-15mm to the rear is achieved, which provides sufficient air between manifold and shock absorber.

An additional positive side effect is the minimal extension of the shock absorber by approx. 10mm and thus more space between spark plug connector and chassis.


The shock absorber is attached to the spacer with the aid of the supplied nut with locking teeth, which ensures a secure fit at all times by means of force and positive locking.

The already welded M8 external thread enables the user-friendly and quick assembly & disassembly of the shock absorber in the frame.

The final surface treatment by galvanic zinc plating with 8-12µm layer thickness guarantees 100% corrosion resistance of the shock absorber offset.


Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Shock absorber spacer galvanized
  • 1x M8 nut with locking teeth zinc plated
  • 1x M8 nut galvanized
  • 1x M8 body washer galvanized
  • 1x M8 spring washer galvanized


The delivered parts are not approved for public road traffic and may only be used for sports and racing purposes.

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